Using Broad Match Keywords

Wondering why your ad for homemade salsa is appearing when someone searches “salsa dancing”? The answer is that it is appearing because you are probably using broad match. In certain situations, like this example, broad match gets a bad reputation because of unqualified traffic. However, this does not mean that broad match is a bad thing.  Broad match is the default match type that is set up for the largest possible audience. A keyword triggers these ads by, “relevant variations of your keywords, including synonyms, singular and plural forms, possible misspellings, stemmings, related searches, and other relevant variation. Below is an example of broad match provided by Google. It provides clarity in this example of how synonyms and possible related searches could be a factor in triggering the ad.

Match type Special symbol Example keyword Ads may show on searches that: Example searches
Broad match none women’s hats include misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations buy ladies hats

Is Broad Match Right for Your Campaign?

Are you wondering if broad match is right for your ad campaign? Or are you thinking why should I allow for such wide results?

Broad match is the default match type on AdWords for a reason – when beginning a campaign, broad brings in the most data for you to act on.

Yes, that quote is right. With broad match you are given the most DATA! If you are new to ad words or in a plateau with your current campaign broad match is your friend. 

Benefits Using Broad Match

Using broad match can be very helpful. Bing Ads published some data points on broad match. Their findings include:

  • Broad match keywords offer 70 percent more clicks than exact match.
  • Broad match keywords offer 56 percent more conversions than exact match.

The top things that broad match can do are:  1. Uncover new keywords 2. Increase traffic through a greater pool of visitors 3. Set limitations with negative keywords.

Uncover New Keywords

Using broad match keywords allow for you to discover new keywords to use. You are able to access a search terms report which shows you what things were searched when people clicked on your ads. You can add relevant search terms as keywords. You can increase the big amount for these words to drive more traffic to the site.

Increase Traffic Through a Large Pool of Visitors 

With broad match you are expanding the range of people you are making impressions on. If you were to exact match you would be hitting a lower range of people by narrowing it down. By having a larger amount of people seeing your ad you increase the potential for traffic. This could be good for brand awareness or getting more people familiar with your site.

Set Limitations with Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are very important in campaigns and broad match can help you establish what negative keywords you need to implement. To reinforce the example of the beginning of this post about salsa, you would want to include salsa dancing as one of your negative keywords because it is irrelevant to your ad.

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