Top Terms for SEO Beginners

For beginners, terminology in SEO can be over whelming at first. This post should help you break down the key words that are most commonly used. Below are the top terms for SEO beginners.

ATL Text: A description used within HTML code to describe the function of an image on a page and describes what’s on the image.

Backlink: A web resource linking to another web resource. For example, if I say check out my other post about programmatic media optimization techniques  and include a link, I am back linking.

Bot (spider or crawler): A bot indexes webpages to check for spam.

Broken Link: A web link that leads you to a non-existent page. You would encounter a broken link if you clicked on a link that took you to a page that said error or page not found.

Keywords: Words that that describe a webpage and what your content is about. Essentially, it summarizes your website so people using those words can locate your page.

Link Building: Increase incoming links to a site or webpage. If I were to go and post my link on several do-follow sites I would be link building to create better SEO for my page.

No Follow: The tag that tells the search engines that the link provided does not get any trust or value when ranking. If trying to build backlinks avoid nofollow pages.

Traffic: The amount of visits your site gets through paid or organic searches. 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Buying traffic through Google Adwords and other paid forms.

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