What in the world are Programmatic Media Optimization Techniques?

Let’s break it down! To understanding what programmatic media optimization techniques are we must start with the background and basics.

Programmatic is a term used to describe the buying of advertising using software and algorithms.

Why is programmatic so important some may ask. It is important because it is allowing marketers to reach the right consumers in the right place. This is changing the game in the world of marketing. To explain how this happens simply, there are two sides of the system and a center that make this happen: A demand side platform (DPS), a supply side platform (SSP), and an ad exchange. The DPS, “pulls in data from multiple sources to target audiences and inform bidding strategies.” The SSP,  “automates the selling of their advertising space, or inventory.”  The ad exchange can be thought of as the “digital market place.”

Programmatic Media Optimization techniques

According to Moz.com it is programmatic is going to expand heavily within the next few years. Programmatic RTB (Real Time Bidding) will be taking over the future of programmatic advertising. Real time bidding is, “the buying or selling of ad space via an auction that occurs in the time it takes for a webpage to load – just milliseconds.” Real time bidding is on the rise because it allows for more accurate targeting. It is more accurate because information about people’s browsing habits are visible in real time. This cuts back on showing your ads to people who do not care, “advertising waste.”

 Below is a report by Magna Global which provides clarity in which RTB occurs.

So now that you understand what programmatic and real time bidding is, let’s talk programmatic media optimization techniques.

Techniques to Optimize your Programmatic Campaign

1. Follow the data and metrics

2. Do not rush to conclusion – check your performance over time

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