Differences Between Search and Display Campaigns

Looking to move your company marketing to the digital world? Are you confused on whether to use a search or display campaign? First ask yourself the goals of your campaign then read below to see which campaign would best suit your business in alignment with your products and services. 

Differences Between Search and Display Campaigns

Search Campaigns:

You will want to use search campaigns if you are trying to reach people that search for your product or service. By selecting keywords that relate to your product or service you can reach people that are searching for things you see as related. Your ads will be triggered by those keywords when they are entered into the search query. The ads on the search network will be text ads. Texts ads consist of a heading, a page URL, and some description. You can also add on ad extensions as well to give additional information.

Let’s play out some seniors of who should use the search network.

  1. Phil owns a cleaning service and wants to reach people searching for local cleaning companies
  2. Sharon has a family restaurant and wants to reach people looking for the best place to eat in her city
  3. Jenna has a new make-up company and wants to reach people that go on fashion and beauty websites

Who should use the search network? Phil and Sharon should use the search network because people would be search particularly for their product or service.

Features and Benefits

  • This method is more likely to lead to conversions because it reaches people who are already searching for a product or service (the “pull” approach)
  • Great for companies that target “urgent” searches. For example, a 24hr urgent care.
  • Ad extensions available to provide greater detail
  • Can choose standard or all features. All features allows you to do things such as scheduling, Mobile app extensions, Advanced keyword matching, IP exclusions, Dynamic tracking URLs, and Remarketing lists for Search ads

 People search during micro-moments throughout their day, in “want-to-know,” want-to-go,” “want-to-do,” and “want-to-buy” moments. They search from their computers at home, and from their mobile phones and tablets while on-the-go.

Differences Between Search and Display Campaigns

Display Campaigns:

The display network is great for companies who want to show their products on websites that their customers shop on. These display ads are placed on a huge network of sites within the internet. If your keyword is similar to content on a website the as will be triggered. Want to reach people who are searching on specific websites? You can do that. You can use placements to target people on the websites you wish. With the display network you Cost per click (CPC) is lower, but conversions are lower as well.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps build brand awareness for new products or products consumers may be unaware of
  • Wide variety of ad formats and ways to find people of interest
  • Reach people throughout their browsing time
  • Lower CPC
  • Choose websites you want to target on

I hope you learned what type of campaign is the right fit for you. Check out another one of my blog posts!


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