Link Building Methods for Beginners

Are you trying to create backlinks to your site or blog to boost traffic? Are you lost and wondering where to begin?  Have no fear, I will provide you with some common link building methods for you to begin your SEO journey with.

Profile Linking

Link Building Methods for Beginners

Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any membership to a website where there is an “about me” section? Considering this is 2017, this should be easy for you. You can add a link to your web page in any of those locations. The strength of the backlink may vary though based of followings/ authoritative interactions. If you are someone who has a page of 10,000 followers and post about things similar on your site, this could be very beneficial to you.

2- Way or 3 Way- Link Exchange

Link Building Methods for Beginners

Do you know anyone else with a blog or website? Why not ask them to post a link to your site in exchange for posting a link to their site on your page. For best results find two other people and create a 3-way link that way there is better strength. If the link is coming from a high quality site this can be very beneficial.

Blog Commenting

When you read blog posts do you ever find that you have similar content or content that could be address through your blog or site? If so, comment and leave a link. Back-linking through blog comments can be very powerful, especially if you build a relationship with bloggers over time. You must remember though your comments have to be meaningful and not just junk. The more valued your comments are the more likely these bloggers with in return leave links to your site and bring more traffic to your site.

Blog Creation

Link Building Methods for Beginners

Try making a new blog on a web 2.0 site, for example WordPress. Creating a blog to link to your site that is on a related topic can be very authoritative. Having a site with “” at the end linking to your site is great because the page ranking for a site like WordPress is very good. Quality sites linking to your sites show a good sign to Google. You can tailor your 2.0 site to be interactive with your home site as well.

Creating a Giveaway 

Link Building Methods for Beginners

This form of back linking requires a little more creativity. Do you have something that you could “give away” in return for quality backlinks? You can require a link to be shared to obtain what you are giving away to create backlinks. One of the most popular examples of this is when companies offer scholarships to high school students. They will share the link for the scholarship application, which is on their page, and it will be reposted on the high schools “.edu” website. These “.edu” websites are authoritative. If you share this link with hundreds of schools and they all linked to the page on your site that would be huge. This method can be very powerful, but you have to be creative with it!

I hope you learned more about backlinking. It can be overwhelming at first, but you will get the hand of it! Check out some of my other blog posts.


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