A Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Degree Programs Michigan

How I Figured it Out

My entire life I had been convinced that I would become an accountant. I was drawn to the profession because it enabled you to work with a business using your knowledge and data to present a solution. I love the rush I get when using pieces of data to come up with solutions. After touring a digital marketing agency I learned that I could get that same kind of rush in this profession. I talked to a digital marketing professional who convinced me to make the switch from accounting to digital marketing. He told me that he made that exact switch in college and is very happy he did.

After I did some research I decided to switch my major. Out of all of the research the thing that stood out to me was how the world of marketing is changing through digital marketing. In the past marketers/ advertisers had little data, yet real time data, to see how their strategies/ campaigns were  going. Now with Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization tools, digital is taking over and in more demand than ever. How cool is it that you can create campaigns and see how you are doing in real time? For me that is awesome.

I am a number nerd, but also like to be on top of trends, interact with others, and find creative solutions for businesses. A career Digital marketing is a perfect match. Because must companies are turning to digital marketing experts for their marketing needs this field is growing rapidly.



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