Ad Extensions Are Your Friend

Want to make your ad more relevant and provide additional information to people? It’s simple, just add ad extensions to your ad. The best part about this is that ad extensions do not cost extra money! Ad Extensions come in many forms. According to Google’s fundamentals exam study guide, there are nine types of extensions you can add. I will be going through three of the most important ones (in my eyes) in this post. The three that I will go through are call extensions, location extensions, and sitelink extensions.

ad extension are your friend1. Call Extension: This type of extension is great for people that rely on calls to drive their business or that rely on calls to aid in a conversion. With call extensions you are eliminating steps that users have to go through to make a call. With a click of a button they have the ease of contacting your company. You are also allowed to count a click as a conversion, so if you do click per acquisition CPA you only pay when a call is made. Something to consider is that call extensions can increase clickthrough rates by 6-8% (Google).

2. Location Extensions: Location extensions are perfect for businesses who rely heavily on foot traffic and are looking to bring people to their physical location. This type of extension displays your address and includes a clickable link for easy navigation. Your ad will stand out more by allowing people to reference where you are geographically. 

According to Jessica Lee, “New Google research says that 50 percent of mobile users are most likely to visit after conducting a local search. Nineteen percent of the people studied made unplanned visits to a store and made a purchase as a result of a location-based advertisement.” By including location extensions you are driving up the probability that customers will visit your store. Customers are really looking for customization to their surroundings. They act very rapidly after they search so it is key that you make sure they know where to find you. 

ad extension are your friend

3. Sitelink Extensions: This type of extension is super valuable when it comes to increasing conversion and the amount of clicks. It gives you the opportunity to promote multiple links under one ad. Providing multiple links you give the customer the potential to reach the page they were looking for faster. It eliminates steps in the searching process, and in the end this could lead to rapid conversion. Also, it can increase your click through rates. We see ads with sitelinks earning a click-through rate 10% – 20% higher than ads without sitelinks. In the Macy’s example above we can see that people looking to buy women’s clothing may be more likely to click with a provided link because it’s more relevant than just “” Also instead of taking people to the Macy’s homepage this will take them to the shopping page where a conversion is more likely. 

I hope you learned why ad extensions are your friends and I hope you go implement them in your Adwords campaign! Check out another one of my blog posts!


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