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Michigan Digital Marketing Degree Programs

Digital Marketing Degree Programs in Michigan

Digital Marketing experts are in high demand at this time. How many companies do you know that are not going digital? Currently majority of companies think digital when developing marketing strategies. Companies are looking for those individuals who can excel at SEO, Google Adwords, Inbound and Outbound marketing. With a growing need for employees with these skills, many people are looking to obtain a digital marketing degree. I want to discuss further Michigan digital marketing degree programs.

Top Michigan Digital Marketing Degree Programs 

In Michigan you have the opportunity to get a degree or a certificate. Below are the top three Michigan digital marketing degree programs.

1. University of Michigan-Dearborn

Michigan digital marketing degree programs

The University of Michigan-Dearborn has one of the highest rated digital marketing degree programs in the United States according to the Search Engine Journal.  They said, “The University of Michigan-Dearborn has earned a reputation as one of the most effective marketing schools in the country.”  UMD offers students the opportunity to become Google Partners and to build a website that centers around SEO best practices. Professors have top notch real world experience to share with students as well.

The major requires 21 credits including the following classes: MKT 363 – Digital Consumer Search and Marketing, MKT 454 – Marketing Research, MKT 455 – E-tailing and Retailing, MKT 458 – Communications Strategy and New Media (formerly MKT 456), MKT 463 – Digital Analytics and Content

2. Eastern Michigan University

Michigan Digital Marketing Degree Programs

At Eastern you are able to get your MBA in Digital Marketing with their Marketing Graduate program. Within the Marketing Graduate program you will learn take courses such as MKTG 530 – E-Commerce Essentials and MKTG 635 – Digital Marketing. There is no undergraduate degree specifically for digital marketing offered. 


3. Ferris State University

Michigan Digital Marketing Degree Programs

Ferris State offers a digital marketing certificate. There is no degree for digital marketing there. You can obtain this certificate in addition to getting a degree.

Overall, the University of Michigan is your best option, in my opinion. You can obtain your undergraduate degree while taking class that will benefit you in your career. The professors understand the material and are true experts at it. Even though attending this university may be harder and longer than obtaining a certificate, it is worth it. If you want a long term career in digital marketing a degree is going to provide you with more value as you enter the workforce.

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